AXO Members - orders close Saturday at 11:59 pm. UTD deliveries have been discontinued this semester :(

About Us


Welcome to The Oven! CampusOven was founded by students to serve universities, because we get it.

After three years on campus, we were *fed* up with the lack of good quality, low-cost meals we could trust. We had been forced to pick between unhealthy meals at the Student Union and subsistence fare at the dining hall. Two of us were international students without cars to take grocery shopping, and none of us had kitchens in the dorms - leaving us few options. We founded CampusOven to empower students to live healthier lifestyles, and do so affordably.

After a successful launch in Spring 2020, however, we found ourselves eager to continue our success through the summer. But with the pandemic changing the way the world thought about food, we had to change our thinking too.

CampusOven's mission is to make food healthy, affordable, and convenient to people wherever they are

It has never been more difficult to get high-quality, healthy food for affordable prices delivered to your door, and this is often even more difficult living on campus. Our meals combine multiple food groups to make sure you receive the necessary range of macronutrients (carbs, proteins, fats) and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants) to keep you full of energy, feeling good and fueled for success. And, more importantly, our partners exceed food safety standards and are truly passionate about the food they make.

The Oven was founded to empower healthy lifestyles, not to profit off of them.

Our goal is to make healthy living accessible and affordable to individuals and organizations. We work with our partners to offer the most competitive prices possible while ensuring every meal is healthy, filling and meets our rigorous quality standard.

Furthermore one of our founders has already pledged to donate all personal profit they would obtain from CampusOven to a cause whose mission aligns with the values of Campus Oven. Once we have enough Oveners to do so we will be asking you (and every other Ovener) to help make the right choice among the many worthwhile nonprofits and socially conscious organizations they are considering supporting.