AXO Members - orders close Saturday at 11:59 pm. UTD deliveries have been discontinued this semester :(

Hungry? Chef-prepared meals ready to eat in 2 minutes.

By Students. For Students.

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don't take our word for it

"I love to have the option to get this for super busy weeks. It was perfect to have something good ready to eat in my fridge."

Ben W. (UTD 2020)

"Bro how do you make healthy food taste like this? I am going to order all my lunches from Campus Oven"

Pranjal S. (UTD 2021)

Eating from the SU makes me feel terrible. But with CampusOven, I feel a lot better about what I'm eating and have more energy throughout the day!

Lydia G. (UTD 2023)

"The food is so much more delicious and affordable than the dining hall. You can tell it's professionally made! "

Abhitej A. (UTD 2023)

"Surprisingly well packed with a lot of food and it's super simple to just warm up and eat right there!"

Craig H. (UTD 2022)

"When I think of Campus Oven, I think of people trying to emphasize physical and mental health of people for an affordable price. They say what they do as a company. "

Harshini R. (UTD 2021)

Why we're different

Campus Oven UTD Options
Healthy & Nutritious Meals Processed & Unhealthy Meals
$6.99 per meal $8-$10 per meal
Professional Chefs Chartwells Workers
Delivered to your door Long wait times
Locally sourced ingredients Bruh who even knows???
Catered to the needs of college students Built with a standard franchise mindset
Nutrition information and macros How do I even begin to find this???
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how it works

1. Pre-order

Orders are collected every Friday at 11:59PM. No worries if you miss the deadline - we'll still deliver the meals the following week!

2. Weekly Delivery

We deliver directly to your dorm, on-campus apartment or anywhere else every Tuesday - or choose pickup instead!

3. Heat and Eat!

Enjoy fresh, healthy meals from the best chefs in your area - whenever and wherever you like.

Even Olympians Love Us!

Not convinced yet? See some more of our meals and you will be :)

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